Roark Trinkets

Grandaddy's Pocket Knife

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The classic rosewood & brass pocket knife. Whether camping in Baja, or roaming the streets of Paris, this is the one item in your repertoire you can count on in a jam. Roark does, it fell out of his pocket.

Fear the Sea Flask

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The Sea is a humbling beast. When appropriate, fill this 8 oz. stainless-steel flask with medicine for the road. Better to drown your sorrows here than at the bottom of the Sea.

Lost & Found Compass by Roark & Cerno

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Who needs a compass in the digital age? Roark packs this archaic technology just in case. You never know when you'll be forced off the grid, so we enlisted industrial design house, Cerno to help. Together, we designed a refined, simple compass surrounded by hand-crafted wood, complete with a heavy brass pin that guards a stash compartment for waterproof matches.

Roark Artist - Las Diablitas Borrachas


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Roark has many vices. Simone and Las "Diablitas Borrachas" is high on the list. So we pressed a limited quantity of 7" vinyl that you can track down at our fine retailers and download using the above link..

The band is revealed in Volume 2 at a seedy bar named "Paris De Noche" in the bowels of Ensanada, Mexico. They are posse of self-proclaimed branditos mysteriously lead by a sexy French-Mexican chica named Simone.

Las Diablitas describe their sound as Mescla. "Mescla being a mixture of music from all over the world. A little French. Espana from Spain. Flamanco Astyilo. Flamanco style. Musica punk rock. Musica rock."

What ever it is, it's raw and hard to understand if you don't speak Espanol. So download it spread it like the plague. Stay tuned, we hear they may make an appearance in California.

Roark Collaboration

Stormy Monday Skateboards

Roark got together with Stormy Monday to craft a handful of custom decks that have been reincarnated. Hand–shaped from trashed old decks, these thoughtfully built, 70's inspired shapes are living new lives with the same souls. Checkout Stormy Monday, here.